Aesthetic, functionality and creativity have always been the primary values of ARKYACHT philosophy. Based on Client’s briefing or ARKYACHT’s designers’ vision, a conceptual profile will be developed in a sketching phase. Also a basic layout will be determined as this plays an important role in the preparation of conceptual profile.


In this CAD stage the interior layouts will be finalized based on Client’s requests according to exterior sketches. Along with the CAD layouts clear deck heights will be determined. This will consist of a longitudinal section showing floors, preliminary bulkheads and cabin walls throughout the vessel. Additionally every step, riser and areas around staircases is added. The interior CAD layouts include important technical items as escape routings, air handling rooms, exterior spaces, etc.



Based on the information from the profile sketches and layout, a 3D exterior surface model will be created. Besides all the major surfaces of the yacht this model will also show all the exterior deck layouts with details such as seating arrangements, wet bars, Jacuzzi’s, railings, masts, etc. With all details added to the computer model it becomes a very valuable tool for visual judgment of all the aesthetic aspects of the design. The 3D model is the base for high resolution computer renderings and allow the Owner and yard to review the design from any position and direction. Besides, CAD drawing of the layout plan will be prepared more realistic for better visualization and comprehensible view.


Based on general arrangement and Owner’s requests, 3D interior model of the yacht can be developed by ARKYACHT’s high-skilled designers. The renders will show the space which is available in reality, and the complete indoor atmosphere with selected concept of furniture, upholstery etc.


After finalizing the 3d model of the hull and superstructure, ARKYACHT engineers determine what the main dimensions of the structural elements can be. The information that is generated in this stage is based both on the requirements from Class combined with the wishes of the Yard. This is primarily about the strength and stiffness of the vessel. At this part of the project a Classification Society -which is preferred- is heavily involved. All construction is modeled completely in 3D, thus it is possible to check the construction, also for weight and correct size, before it is even build.


Construction, section and expanded&nested plate drawings will be prepared by the ARKYACHT’s engineers to start construction. Together with a building strategy the construction parts are placed in the right construction order to make the work on the floor as easy as possible. Also the other plans and drawings, whether asked from Classification Society or construction team, is prepared by ARKYACHT’s design team.

Naval Architecture


ARKYACHT’s naval architects develop the hull form in 3D -considering size limits, displacement, speed and stability- according to previous profile and layout drawings with using a combination of in-house knowledge, experience and computer-aided methods. The aim is to create a hull form that satisfy the overall performance requirements and Client’s expectations.


ARKYACHT’s naval architects use state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics to optimize and finalize the hull form. An optimization study using CFD predicts actual wave patterns, underwater flow lines and pressure distribution to develop the optimum underwater body and predict speed and power.


Stability calculations will be done by ARKYACHT’s naval architects after weight calculations and defining the loading conditions. It is vital to verify compliance with stability criteria stipulated by Class Societies. Stability Booklet of the vessel will be also prepared after sea trials.


Onboard comfort and seakeeping performance is crucial for a luxury yacht Owner. Therefore a detailed hydrodynamic research plays a vital role in meeting the expectations. ARKYACHT’s naval architects use computer-aided prediction and analyze methods to optimize the hull form with regard to seakeeping performance.


ARKYACHT’s naval architects use state-of-the-art Finite Element Analyzes -for global vessel or specific areas like mast foundation- to check the strength of the construction in various loading conditions.


ARKYACT is specialized especially in steel and aluminium yacht construction, even though there are several samples built wooden, too; and have respectable experience and know-how. This has resulted in innovative construction strategies which reduce building time and increase quality. With 3d modeled construction it is possible to generate perfect fit of all parts and extract an accurate construction weight. Construction material is decided with the Owner during the design process; nowadays, it is not limited to use single material, for example a combination of steel and aluminium can be used.


ARKYACT can realize turn-key projects based on Owner’s request, with designing and applying all mechanical, fitting-outfitting and insulation works. Also, specific outfitting on yachts, for example anchor arrangement, movable swim platform etc. can be designed and detailed by ARKYACHT.


ARKYACT has a highly-skilled team to realize both interior and exterior joinery works of a yacht or even a wooden boat.


ARKYACHT has a professional team in both underwater anti-fouling painting and structure painting.

Mast & Rigging

ARKYACHT’s distinguished naval architects give special attention to the design of rig and sail plan, that would meet performance expectations, to provide high-performance sailing, functional and ergonomic deck layout and ease of handling with suitable sail management system.

Boatyard Services

ARKYAT provides all refit, repair and maintenance services in our Shipyard 50.000m2 tow area, 70 ton travel lift 360 ton amphibic lift provides service for all refit, repair and maintenance operations in both summer and winter seasons.